Should We Be Happy That Osama Is Dead?

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Published on May 03, 2011 with No Comments

While there is a great deal of celebration over the death of Osama Bin Laden there is a also a number of people offended with the celebrations. Many Christians believe that celebrating the man’s death is wrong. After all, that isn’t very peaceful – it’s simply not Christian. See it how you may, one can easily grab a scripture verse to back up either side – I have seen it done multiple times already. So what is a Christian to do about it? I think a few things should be kept in mind.

For those struggling over the celebrations that are taking place over Osama Bin Laden’s death, instead of asking if you are happy that he is dead, perhaps you would prefer – are you happy that justice has been served? If one man can be sentenced to die for a few murders, surely a man who has happily murdered thousands can be sentenced to a similar fate. In the interests of peace and justice, are you happy that a powerful and active symbol of evil has been destroyed? Don’t you think it is only fair that some, if not many, have found great relief and satisfaction in the termination, not only of his life, but of his continued and active role in terrorizing the free world? We, who have never suffered at the hand of a terrorist or at the hand of Osama’s tactics, cannot fairly criticize the reactions of those who have. Would you condemn Jews for celebrating the German’s defeat in WW2? Certainly not. Do you think they had cause for celebrating that an evil and cruel oppressor was defeated? I think so. Just and ample cause.

I understand that Christians should not rejoice over vengeance but God can and does execute His justice and His vengeance through the powers that be as they are ordained of Him. Those aside who are rejoicing in the man’s death in a spirit of revenge – I believe that a celebration is in order for those who have suffered at the hands of Osama and terrorism. We are talking about mortal enemies – it is a kill or be killed scenario.The winner and therefore the one who lives should rejoice, especially if they are in the right.

This a victory for freedom and a powerful blow against fear and oppression. And to expect those affected to repress their relief at this good fortune is cruel in and of itself: it is tantamount to defending Osama in the eyes of those who have suffered by his hand. This is closure and healing for many – let them enjoy it. Should we have condemned Saddam Hussein’s execution and the following celebration? I think not.

I am not celebrating but I was filled with a sense of satisfaction and justice over the news.  A just satisfaction, I believe, is entirely appropriate.



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