Dan Savage’s Target Demographic

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Published on June 15, 2011 with No Comments

I wrote an article a little while back on Google’s “It Get’s Better” advertisement in which I stated that I thought the anti-bullying ad which aired in May during an American Idol episode – prime time television – was just as much a homosexual promotion as it was an anti-bullying piece. And though many secretly disagreed with me and some openly, Dan Savage – the fearless leader of the “It Gets Better” campaign has, I believe, vindicated my claim. In a blog post one day after mine, he viciously attacked Penny Nance, the president of Concerned Women for America, for a post she made on her blog.

In her post she criticized Fox for allowing what she also called a pro-homosexual add during prime time TV, she felt betrayed by Fox; she doesn’t want (like most sane parents) her 4th grade son dealing with the petitions of homosexuals when heterosexuality isn’t really even a concern of the child yet. That’s definitely fair, but not fair for Savage it seems.

Let me throw out a few quotes just to show you how intolerant the gay agenda can be of any disagreement and opposition to their beliefs, lifestyle and movement. Aside from attacking Nance with profanities and obscene names, he also chose to focus on her son, gleefully speculating about the boy’s sexuality.

I don’t know if Nance’s son is gay, bi, or trans, but if he is, he needs to know more than most that it can get better for him too, that there’s hope for his future, and that the adult world isn’t entirely populated by hateful sh*ts like his mother.

So if Nance’s son is gay—and here’s hoping—and finds his way to the “It Gets Better” website…

And this one is interesting,

The primary goal of the IGB campaign was to reach LGBT kids who are being bullied by their peers and their families.

when combined with the following:

Nance’s son was always our target demo…. And the Google Chrome/”It Gets Better” campaign has helped us reach him and millions more like him.

What is he saying? Is her son gay? And is he being bullied? Savage doesn’t know, but he’s practically stating it in his article – he’s wishing. And the number of times Savage muses over the possibility of Nance’s son being gay makes me wonder if he would prefer it to be true – gleeful speculation indeed.

Because she disagreed with Fox about their choice of advertisements Nance is a hateful bigot who would abuse her own son if he was gay. Quite a stretch. Why a leader of the LGBT community thinks that we should take him seriously when he spews reckless accusations and his own brand of hate is beyond me. As founder of “It Gets Better”, an organization ostensibly dedicated to healing divisions between gays and their straight parents and friends, one would expect a little more good will towards those they want to influence.

But clearly they do want to influence the young and impressionable, and like Nance, I believe Savage’s response reveals “a serious threat to every family” from their community. I’m against bullying in every instance but, like Penny Nance, I have the right to disagree with certain things, and that disagreement should be at least “tolerated” by those who demand far more than tolerance for their views.



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