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Published on August 04, 2011 with No Comments

What a wonderful world we live in. Lets say you want to go to the beach. First you tweet about the fact you’re going to the beach. While at the beach you update your facebook status to make sure everyone knows you have arrived. Or maybe you have twitter and facebook synced so you can just do it all at once. While at the beach you take about 200 photos of the event. When you get home you upload all 200 photos, make nice captions of your “beach day” and share your big event with the world. You might even want to do a status update about how tiring uploading the photos was or a clever tweet of course.

Welcome to the Facebook me. I am really awesome on facebook, I do awesome things all the time and share them all so everyone knows about them. Every time I do something charitable I make sure people know. Every time I go out I take way more pictures than I should and I upload them all. I intentionally make my life more interesting for your facebook viewing pleasure. I am way more cleaver and outgoing online. I describe and take instagrams of everything I eat. I ensure I describe my every mood and feeling; people need to know when I am OMG, so hurt faced.

Sure that’s a bit of a rant and has nothing to do with me or my facebook profile but it’s a reflection of how a lot of people use facebook. Is it wrong for you to overflow my news feed with your daily self indulgences? Well no but I still find it annoying and might unfriend you, at least on facebook.

For the last 5 years or so social medias have been all the rage. It has enabled us to share our lives, to connect with our family and friends we may not get to see very often. It also allows us to be in the same room with our friends,”like” their status and then have a conversation from behind our laptops about just how clever or funny that status was.

It also is one of the biggest escapisms. It’s far too easy to escape into the world of facebook. To mindlessly wander around as hours go by. It allows you to leave your brain on the other side of the room while you look at your friend’s “girls night out 3” album for the 10th time. Social media can also be the most un-social media not because of the media itself but because of the facebook escape. When your life is better on facebook it is easy to spend your time living as your facebook profile rather then the real and much better version in person.

I am not saying I dislike social media, I actually really like social medias used correctly. I love witty tweets and a good photo. I love how twitter and facebook are facilitators of information as the information or news I want is delivered to me. This is content I love.

When the media itself is a door to an alternate reality it looses the intent it was created for, it should be a social enabler rather then a social escape.

Now of course feel free to comment via your facebook and twitter.


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