Dear White People: Everything Is Your Fault

Are you sick of hearing and seeing the phrase: Dear White People? It’s everywhere now. It has suddenly become acceptable and politically correct to address the entire race of white people in a condescending and contemptible manner. I read articles that start with this line frequently now. #Whitepeople is a twitter trend where a lot of hatred and anger is directed at, you guessed it, white people. Really racist stuff actually. There is also a TV show with the same title. White people are lectured on a daily basis and blamed for all the short comings and frustrations of other groups – even other whites. If you are a minority (especially black) and poor and uneducated, it must be whitey’s fault. His great, great, great somebody was a racist cause he lived during the era of slavery in America. Therefore his simple middle-class lifestyle that he works to enjoy (roughly 150 after the 13th Amendment) was built on the back’s of slaves and it’s not really his. Whitey should have to give it all up or compensate the descendants of slaves in America.

Why is Slavery in America a hot topic again? Facts on Slavery. Does that not seem really odd that, in the 21st century where Equality is the paragon of all virtues and ostensibly the greatest pillar of modern society, the distant and unsavory memory of slavery in America has re-emerged, angrier and more bitter than ever? Liberal doctrine has established that since white people are the majority, therefore they are the aggressors (slave-owner or not) and they must carry this guilt forever. One way America makes amends for its guilt is through a strange form of equality that promotes the minority over the majority and establishes segregation as a safe space.  Some believe that there is still a firmly established institution of racism that exists that puts blacks at a disadvantage but yet we have Black History month, BET awards, Martin Luther King Day and it must be this way. This is how we assuage our white-guilt and make amends. And now we have Black Lives Matter.

BLM? You have to wonder why this angry, often violent, largely anti-white, definitely anti-cop movement is suddenly a massive force across America. Don’t say white cops shooting unarmed blacks. Most of the time the victim was armed and uncooperative. And it has been proven repeatedly that white cops shoot more white people than black by far. It is also a fact that black-on-black crime far outweighs white-on-black crime. And most of the time, the police officer is charged with murder and their lives pretty much ruined. Even if acquitted, their lives are never the same. But even if the officer is convicted of murder, shouldn’t it just be murder? Why does it always have to be a consequence of systemic racism that requires a riot and vandalism as a response? Really, what are the justifiable grounds for BLM to torch a town? I say none.

Maybe any act of aggression or violence by white people against black people is reminiscent of a bygone era of gross injustice and inhumanity, but why is that memory still so vivid? Why are the descendants of another time still ripe with ancient pain? Why have the wounds not healed in roughly 150 years, especially when blacks truly do have equality now? What else can prove that blacks have equal opportunity than an obscure, black politician named Barrack Obama rising to occupy the most powerful and influential position in the world as POTUS? Ask Morgan Freeman what he thinks about black being disadvantaged. He doesn’t! But there is still a fire that rages. An anger that has never been soothed and a hatred that longs for vengeance. With no living memories of that time and only history as our guide, who is fueling this fire still today?

It’s very interesting when Donald Trump, while running for office, tried to persuade Michigan black voters to choose him. “What the hell do you have to lose?” he said while painting a grim picture of the lives of black people in America: “You’re living in poverty. Your schools are no good. You have no jobs.” Trump really didn’t succeed in persuading anymore blacks to vote Republican than Romney or McCain before him but he voiced an observation that has been avoided for too long. Roughly 90% of blacks typically vote Democrat historically. And they are told by their leaders to do so. Dinesh D’Souza, in one of his documentaries – Hillary’s America, explores this idea that, in many ways, blacks are still slaves to the Democrat Party. It’s just a modern form of slavery. Democrats don’t promise them much and deliver even less and they also persuade them that Republicans and conservatives, are far worse.

Some black leaders only exacerbate the racial divide at every turn. Do Rev Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, for instance, promote racial peace and unity or do they fuel the mistrust and resentment towards white people and conservatives? They stand as a stark contrast to MLK.

Martin Luther King Jr is an eternal hero because of his position of peace and forgiveness. His motivation was not anger or revenge. It was pure and full of compassion and grace. He was able to stand against the rampant racism of his day with certainty and conviction, not needing violence, because he understood the universal truth that all people are equal. But equality isn’t enough anymore and we don’t really see MLK’s method’s at work in America anymore. Usually it is only Black conservative figures calling for harmony and forgiveness. Many black leaders, the Democrat party and the liberal media constantly hang examples of injustice before the eyes of black Americans. How can they ever heal? How could they evet grow beyond the cage they are being kept in? When you grow up believing you are a victim, that idea saps your energy, your hope in life and your faith in people. You can’t accept responsibility, you will blame others and likely will not achieve much in an honest, fulfilling way. Furthermore, this venomous victimhood can be channeled into rage and violence as we see.

What could we, as white people, possibly do more to make amends for the sins of our ancestors? Must we really surrender our money, jobs (yes white people are expected to give up their careers now) and possessions? Google these claims! Do white people really need to become subservient to black people to achieve equality. That doesn’t sound like equality; it sounds like revenge. And it makes sense; if black people as a race will not forgive the injustices committed against them then they will only ever seek revenge. This is what the world is now witnessing in America.