Feminism and Trans-Women: The Deafening Silence

Just a question many people are wondering these days: why are feminists embracing trans-women? Women have been fighting for equal rights throughout the ages and they suddenly are raising the white flag when a man comes along and says he is a woman. Women have fought for the right to vote, to not be treated as a man’s property, for the right to education, the right to work and not be relegated to the home to simply produce children. Women are not even expected to have children anymore! Women are not expected to submit or listen to their husbands anymore. They have won many battles in their quest for liberation from men. Some feminists have even managed to convince us that, if they allow it, sexually objectifying them is empowering. But they don’t seem to see trans women as the “other”. They are embracing trans women as women, willingly ignoring the fact that up until 5 minutes ago, these trans-women were actually men who enjoyed the “privileges” of men and have never experienced the struggles of being a real women. Whether trans women believe they really have experienced life as a women is debatable, but since they appeared as a man, it is very likely they enjoyed whatever “privileges” men enjoy over women.

I scarcely heard a peep from feminists or the MSM when Bruce Jenner, a man, claiming women-hood for himself, underwent gender re-assignment surgery to become a trans-woman only then to win the very esteemed distinction of “Woman of the Year”. Or was it “Women Since This Year” – I can’t remember. Anyway, this was portrayed as a hugely significant event, but for whom? Women or trans-women? Women have been fighting since the dawn of time for equal rights and as men only to now step back and allow a recently renovated man to come along, accept a prestigious title and redefine women-hood for all. I can hardly accept that. But like I said, nary a peep. This should have outraged feminists everywhere; it should have been considered a public mockery of their cause perpetuated by their own side. But they acquiesced.

This dichotomy was also painfully evident in the Women’s March of 2017, where women marched en masse to reclaim control of their bodies, their genitals and even their inner organs which were apparently locked up in a dank old prison cell in Washington D.C. They wore gigantic vagina costumes and demanded that men leave theirs (the women’s) vaginas alone. So I hardly understood what I was looking at when trans-women, who do not have the organs, either inner or outer, commonly associated with any womanly function, took up the flag of feminism with their “fellow” women. What were they protesting? I mean, some of them probably had just exchanged their phallus for its inverse and in so doing suddenly understood the female struggle? Maybe they didn’t understand that their newly minted vagina doesn’t actually work. It’s more for show. Now the cause of a slightly modified man, who has no vagina, uterus or ovaries (just for starters) is aligned with natural women and their opinion of equal value to, as they say, cis-normative woman.  The second bizarre development at the march was the hurt feelings. The genital-based feminism, unfortunately, offended the trans-women and they felt excluded by the focus on vaginas and ovaries and other organs with which natural women are endowed. Just Google “trans-women left out of women’s march”. The irony is breathtaking. Men want to be women so they say they are but when women talk about their vaginas then trans-women become uncomfortable.

What about sports? Does it not bother women that a trans-women (Fallon Fox) can join women’s MMA and kick the living hell out all of her opponents? Your opinion that a trans-women is a real women does not change the fact that she has all the physical strength and ability of man. This is also happening in track and field, weight lifting and other categories. Trans-women are walking into these arenas and owning them  Just wait for the Olympics when the world watches trans-women achieve international fame for being a better woman at a women’s sport than a biological woman.

The whole thing is baffling. The Left is in such disarray because so many of their positions and beliefs completely contradict and minimize their other causes. At some point it will all collapse.