Gone With The Wind: The End of Sanity

As another Confederate Era statue tumbled to the ground somewhere in the American South, shrieking , leaping millennials pounced upon it, one with a baseball bat and another with an acoustic guitar.

In a very amusing video, extremely uncoordinated and probably gender-fluid individuals resembling men attacked a fallen bronze statue with sloppy slaps and flailing kicks. They could barely retain their balance in their zeal to finally serve justice to the racist symbol they had just toppled.

With anarchist patriotism, they raised their iPhones and selfied for all of their Instagram followers to see. White supremacy was dealt another deadly blow.

The dismantling of literal history in America is happening right before our eyes and it is wrong. It is insane. But complete insanity struck Left Wing politics like a cruise missile the day Hillary lost and Trump won. After liberals shrieked and convulsed on Election Day then “resisted” and vandalized on Inauguration Day and then marched in the Women’s March to take back their vaginas that Trump stole from them, the horde dispersed to terrorize America.

What we are now seeing everyday in the Trump Era, is the Left’s vicious and unparalleled effort to smear, vilify and dismantle anything associated with Conservative values. It doesn’t matter if you are Clarence Thomas – a black SCOTUS judge who is conservative, or you’re an educated black conservative who doesn’t hate Trump, or if you are a flamboyant gay conservative (Milo), the pillars of the Left’s identity politics – race and sexuality – will not support you. These pillars do not actually support blacks or gays or women who are not fiercely liberal or progressive or who do not hate Trump. Successful black individuals or Gays for Trump will not cause the Left to pause and consider an alternative thought. Milo and Clarence might as well all be white rednecks from Mississippi wearing red MAGA hats and waving a Confederate flag at a KKK rally.

Hurricane Harvey may have just massacred Texas but hurricane Angry-Facist-Liberal has been spinning a trail of destruction through America for much longer.

I am desperate to know, where was all of this outrage during Obama’s 8 years in office? Even with Obama’s regular lectures on white privilege and America’s culpability in just about everything, the division and hate were mild compared to today.  Somehow people were able to visit and even live in the South and not be triggered by the towering symbols of racism during Obama’s reign and for many decades prior. The statues mean different things to different people. Could it be that people were more rational just a few years ago? Obama at least had some class when he disagreed. Now we have angry celebrities leading chants in the streets to “resist, resist!”. Things that people didn’t even know were offensive or did not know that they were supposed to find offensive are now triggering on a mass scale.

One by one, any monumental that the Left deems to be offensive will fall to the chanting of an angry mob. A mob, by the way, that doesn’t know the difference between a bust of Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee so they clobber both. It doesn’t matter that the Confederacy literally only existed for less than 4 years in total or that slavery in America was legal for hundreds of years prior to the Civil War. No, those statues of dead soldiers must come down. In a hyper-sensitive society even movies, like Gone With The Wind, that are now suddenly deemed offensive must be censored and erased from public memory. Where will it end? Mass book burnings?

The effort to purge the environment of offensive triggers has emboldened masses of angry cowards to roam the country enforcing their censorship. Your average protester, ANTIFA or Black Lives Matter – they all believe that if a group offends them then they have the right to attack them and beat them practically to death. How self-righteous is that? And the worst part, the most dishonest part, is that the Left gladly lumps all conservatives into the same group as the KKK. Then they feel they have cause to lash out at everyone with whom they disagree. And they have the audacity to call ANTIFA patriots! The MSM calls anyone who will bash a conservative over the head a true American. It is shameful.

White Supremacists are wrong. Neo-nazi’s are hateful people. The KKK parading in the streets is a shameful scene. And we already know this because… history! But the people attacking these groups are no better. The vicious “counter-protestors” as the MSM calls them, are just as angry, just as hateful and just as eager to throw a punch as any thug. And yet we are being conditioned to believe that anyone who KOs someone holding a Confederate flag is a hero. Shame on the media for this. History has already removed the KKK and Nazi’s from power. Counter-protestors, ANTIFA – these groups are not the Allied forces storming the beaches to save nations from the Nazi’s. We need to stop giving them the attention and platform that they desire. We need to stop elevating their vigilante assault and vandalism to a noble status. One hateful group’s actions does not give another group license to physically attack them. There is equal hate on both sides.