It’s 1984 for the Global Warming Alarmists

In the dystopian novel 1984, it is revealed that the ongoing war between Oceania and the other superpowers is actually a fiction. Long ago the Party of Big Brother, the ruling party, conjured up the story of a massive  never-ending war and they perpetuate this lie to maintain control and power in the totalitarian state. The party even goes so far as to simulate warfare through bombings. It turns out, the ever-present threat of a massive war is a very effective tool to control the citizens (Proles) through fear. They are far more willing to make sacrifices for the good of the war effort. The Party, under the guise of fighting a war, heavily regulates basic goods and necessities. This false reality is accepted in good faith by the Proles and even Outer Party members who believe that the state is fighting for the survival of the nation. But all along it is a cruel lie to control the people, deprive them of autonomy and possessions which ultimately keeps them helpless. And of course the elites of the Inner Party sacrifice nothing and live lavish lifestyles while ensuring that the misery and sacrifice of the citizens and Outer Party member continue all for their benefit.

Does the current Global Warming hysteria sound oddly similar to this “war” that the Party has conjured up? Is Man-Made Climate Change a fictitious war created and perpetuated by a cultural or political party to control the citizens? Crazy thought? Or is 1984 a very prescient novel? Let’s unpack this.

Constant State of Fear and Hysteria

Proponents of Climate Change live in a constant state of fear over the next weather tragedy or catastrophe that may happen. Just read some tweets during a severe weather incident; if Trump didn’t cause the hurricane, Climate Change did. “Respectable” media outlets consistently paint doom and gloom scenarios. The ice caps are melting, the oceans are rising, the tornadoes are sucking us up, the hurricanes are blowing us over. Every severe weather incident is now reported with fundamentalist fervor and analyzed with dooms-day allusions. The same level of superstitious hysteria now exists as did in ancient times when terrified peasants, cowering in huts, believed the gods were angry when the lightning cracked and the thunder roared. But god is always the thing humans cannot understand or control. Climate alarmists claim to understand extreme weather and the means to control it. Whether or not they can control it is irrelevant and secondary to need to churn the cauldron of fear that bubbles with endless existential threats.

Government Control

Everything about the climate change circus today leads to more control and gain by governments and elites and the companies that support them. Businesses are shackled with a carbon tax; governments hand-out lavish contracts to green-energy R&D which has turned out to be a huge waste of money. Tax payers foot the bill for first-class Paris Agreement type schmooze-fests where politicians, certain of a thing they have never studied, posture and gesticulate heroically.  Never mind the blaring hypocrisy of the whole charade.


The staggering disconnect of words and actions is never more painfully clear than in the climate change fiasco. Some dunderhead in a suit can fly 300 delegates to another country in a gas-guzzling airliner to achieve nothing more than agree on ineffective symbolic gestures that will take decades to achieve very little.

Are we not sick of hearing actor Leonardo DiCaprio lecture us all on science? His use of the word “science” reminds me of computer nerds referring to baseball as a “sporting event”. It is the language of an outsider who has no credibility. Clearly DiCaprio, Al Gore and Michael Moore have no real conception of the subject they are proselytizing either. Private planes, yachts, multiple mansions and SUVs are not the characteristics of compassionate stewards of the earth. These charlatans have more in common with the TV Evangelist whose followers fervently “give until it hurts” to fund the high priest’s lavish lifestyle.


Always arm-in-arm with the hysteria, is the vicious and shameless attempt to silence dissent. The idea of climate-change-being criminal or stupid is a cowardly assault on science and free speech. At the heart of science beats the instinct to question and challenge the preconceptions of the time. Sadly, like many points in history, the “science is settled” and there is nothing more to be discovered on the matter of climate change. 97% of scientists may agree in climate change but not than man caused it or that it is negative fact.

The monopoly on research and academia has also effectively stifled debate. To deny that people are solely responsible for any climate change is to commit a thought-crime. We have all heard liberals crying for “deniers” to be prosecuted as criminals. It doesn’t matter that there is a significant body of scientists and meteorologists who completely disagree with the premise of man-made global warming. But like the tyranny of Oceania, language and thought must be redefined to serve the twisted ideology of the ruling party.

The Greatest Threat

Aside from the threats posed to coasts and the increase of severe weather, climate change has been also been charged with spawning ISIS and terrorism. In this regard, it is rightly categorized as the worst threat the world faces. To disarm its fury would, presumably, end terrorism and hurricanes. But if the Paris Agreement is any indication, the ruling party has no real plans to minimize the effects of global warming. They need it for the political and cultural weapon that it is. If the climate change alarmists continue as this pace, becoming more militant and intransigent and far more hostile to opposing views, we will see 1984 realized in some respect.