The Obsession with Dystopia in the Trump Era

Shortly after Trump won the presidency, various media reports ominously claimed that the public was revisiting Dystopian literature en masse. Famed classics like George Orwell’s 1984 and Alduous Huxley’s A Brave New World were flying off the shelves. The public, it seems with crippling angst, was desperate for a glimpse into what 4 years of Trump would look like. How bad was it going to be they all wondered. People actually believed that there were similarities to be found between Trump’s America, less than a few months into his presidency, and the never-before-seen totalitarian regimes of dark fiction.

So I read 1984 and A Brave New World. Actually I listened to the audio-books during my commute. And I have to conclude that the resurgence in dystopian fears are based in hysteria and misinformation. I have to hope, that for the sake of people’s intelligence that they were disappointed when reading these books if they were looking for Donald Trump in them.

For instance a Brave New World opens with a student tour through a lab where babies are grown in jars and genetically modified to meet the criteria of the socio-political class to which they will belong for their entire lives. I would say the hunt is off to a bad start there. How can we begin to compare these societies?

In 1984, every aspect of party members (members of Big Brother’s Party) lives are intimately monitored and recorded and controlled to the point where they have become human automatons. They live rigorously scheduled lives that are sexless, loveless and over-shadowed by paranoia. If they step out of line, even commit a thought-crime, they disappear forever. Every printed and spoken word must align with the official narrative of the Party and that narrative can change in an instant. Then everything prior to that Party position is wrong and must be erased.

Now I hear somebody saying “Trump does that!” Well yes, Trump can change his opinion like a child in a candy store but that’s where the similarity ends. He doesn’t control America with an iron fist (9th Circuit Court anyone?); he doesn’t kill dissenters with impunity; he cannot erase every inconvenient or dissenting word written about him at the New York Times or CNN. The vast majority of people are free to go on living their lives much the same way as before. However, many are choosing not to. They are choosing to be angry and miserable. Meryl Streep is gaining weight and Lena Dunam is losing weight because of Trump. The Left claims Trump is killing free speech when UC Berkley actually allows thugs on campus to literally try and kill people because of their speech.

Don’t worry about the facism of Donald Trump; worry about the facism of ANTIFA beating everyone senseless at universities across the country. Government monitoring of it’s citizens? That’s been in place long before Trump. You can thank Obama actually for creating the NSA, CIA, FBI, etc what they are today. Do Wikileak revelations about government overreach trouble you? Well, Trump didn’t do that.

The likeliest way we will get to dystopia is with the continued “resistance” to a democratically elected president, the hypocritical “he’s not my president” mantra, and the violence towards and deliberate subversion of authority and order in America.